14 Throw Back Photos of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashians Short Lived Friendship


If you’re able to battle through the shame that pervades your recollections of the Noughties, you’ll realise that there were many things to love about that, er, special moment in time. Personally, I consider Britney and Justin’s double-denim ensemble to be a work of art, best enjoyed whilst listening to the dulcet tones of the Backstreet Boys.

However, I am aware that others tend to focus on the era’s darker aspects. I mean, yes, we used to willingly wear matching velour tracksuits and believed that having razor thin eyebrows made us “attractive”, but in spite of all that, I’m sure that everyone feels somenostalgia towards the decade of sartorial mistakes. Nothing sums up the Noughties better than the short-lived friendship between two of its biggest icons: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Arguably the world’s first “influencer”, the blonde and impossibly lithe heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune not only made itacceptable to wear pink from head-to-toe, but turned theChihuahua dog into a veritable accessory. And whenshe wasn’t busy starring in the cult television show, The Simple Life, Paris was busy bossing about Kim Kardashian. Ah, remember the time when Kim wasn’t famous for herass-ets, selfies and ugly crying face? Me neither, but there is photographic evidence of when Kim Kardashian was nothing more than Paris Hilton’s personal assistant. So let’s look back and reminisce about the time when the name “Kardashian” only faintly rung a bell…

1. Paris and Kim used to enjoy partying together

2. And texting together

3. Scratch that, theyreally liked texting together

4. Paris had the upper foot in the relationship

5. She didn’t always let Kim in her pictures, especially when they were with P. Diddy

6. Or anyone really…

7. Kim eventually got used to spending a lot of time by Paris’s side

8. She put herself to use, though

9. She would never let Paris do any heavy lifting

10. But sometimes Kim felt excluded

11. There was a point when Kim wasn’t queen of the selfie

12. And when she wasn’t used to the flashing lights of the paparazzi

13. In fact, Kim used to feeluncomfortablearound celebrities at one point

14. She always had Paris there, however, to force her to play dress up… even when she really didn’t want to

Well that’s quite the throwback.Gone are the days when Kim was Paris’s personal closet organiser and foot masseuse, in the last decade she has eclipsed her friend in terms of fame, fortune and social standing. Karma can be a b***h, right? Although Paris is probably incredibly resentful about the whole situation, you never know, she might just find that she prefers the simple life after all.

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