14 Men And Women Describe The Moments They Consider Relationship Miracles


2. “My wife volunteeredto get allergy shots so that I can have the dog I never got to have as a kid and then she gave me a puppy even though she’s massively allergic.”

3. “My wife is a literal miracle to me. When we first met I was struggling with a lot of depression and believed no one would ever love me because of it. Well, it turns out that being loved and accepted for who you are can go a long way towards alleviating depression. I still have my bad days but overall I’m happy and we’re happy. Given how I’d felt before we met I’m not sure if I’d be alive today without her.”

4. “After a long and painful search including nearly breaking my finger Tinder swiping, I’ve finally found someone whose love for Nutellawith bananasexceeds my own. It’s the little things that are the most miraculous…and delicious.”

5. “My husband and I were legally separated for several months when I went to LA for a week on business. When I logged onto Facebook, I noticed that he happened to be in LA as well, which is weird because he hates the West Coast. As it happens, we were also staying at the same hotel. I obviously had to reach out to him. We met for dinner and everything seemed to gel. He moved back in a week later.”

6. “That moment when you realize the person you love is also actually who you believe they are. I say this because I was deployed overseas in the mid-2000s and a lot of my brothers were having terrible relationship problems with wives cheating or wanting divorces. It scared the shit out of me that what I believed about my wife might not be real. But my wife made sure to always reassure me because she knew that stuff was going on with other people. When I got home it actually felt like coming home instead of arriving worried about what I might find.

Reassurance and faithfulness are absolute miracles in a relationship.”

7. “I come from a very Atheist family and my husband’s is very Catholic. They get along like they’re one another’s family. It’s so perfect that I can only assume there actually is a god.”

8. “I know people without kids hate hearing about other people’s kids but every doctor my wife went to told her she wouldn’t be able to have children because of a couple different medical conditions. Our daughter turns two next week.”

9. “Back in 2009 I lost my job and suddenly my wife was the sole earner in our house. It took me nearly eight months to find another job that paid about half of what my old one had and I was thankful to get it. Never during that entire eight months did my wife ever complain to me that I wasn’t working. She never blamed me for losing me job. She never implied that I wasn’t trying hard enough. She had absolute faith in me and when I get that job she literally said ‘this is just the start for you.’ She was right. I’m making more now than I was in 2009 and things are good. I have no idea how I got so lucky to have met this story book woman.”

10. “I often wake up with my boyfriend holding my hand in his sleep. Like, holy crap, how is it even possible that this man exists?”

11. “I finally met the man who’d rather sit and talk about whatever than stare at Netflix in silence. In 2015 that qualifies as a miracle.”

12. “Weird story but definitely a miracle. Two years ago my wife tickled me in the car which is usually a bad idea. I swerved, which is usually dangerous except in this case I literally swerved around a deer we would have hit at 65 mph and which would have killed us both.

Tickle away, baby.”

13.“My husband has a sixth sense about when I’ve had a terrible day and nearly without fail he’ll always just go ahead and volunteer to do around the house including making some dinner that he knows I’ll love. So, when I get home my day changes completely. It’s impossible to stay in a bad mood when someone you love so much is willing to make sure you’re happy.”

14. “I met my husband in Alcoholics Anonymous and we’ve both been sober five years. He’s the absolute love of my life and has made everything I put myselfthrough because of my addiction worth it if only just to meet him. It’s one of the few thingsin my life that I actually feelwas part of a larger plan.”

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