13 Quotes That Are Just Too Deep For You To Handle


Philosophical quotes. There are too many of them and most of them aren’t even deep. Want to see what I mean? Go on Tumblr and click on the first thing you see. It will probably be a picture of a silhouette, or some flowers or something with writing over it saying something like “Showers wash away the bad thoughts. Someone out there loves you.” Terrible.

But we’re into funny philosophy. It’s much better. It would be far too easy just to quote a load of Jaden Smithtweets… so we’ve only done that a couple of times.

1. We’ll start with one to be safe…

2.Rudyard Kipling was a fantastic lover.

3. The only real friend this cruel world has to offer.

4. You’re the person you hate the most.

5. Last one. We promise.

6. Was this written with the weak hand so whoever did it didn’t get caught?

7. That poor dog.

8. When a packet makes you think about life.

9. To be fair…

10.That red-nosed, sarcy puppet is asking for a slap.

11. We feel you, brother.

12. They’re right.

13. And we’ll leave you with this one…

Feel like Socrates? If you do, go get yourself checked out. 13 stupid internet quotes should not have that effect.

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