13 Badass Actresses Who Should Be The Next James Bond


One possible way to mitigate James Bond’s womanizing, misogynistic styles? Make James Bond a woman.

As Daniel Craig takes his final turn as Bond in “Spectre” this week, much has made of who will inherit the role next. Many concur there’s no reason a black actor shouldn’t play the role while others wonder if future iterations could feature a lesbian 007. This week, Daniel Craig said there could “definitely” has become a female James Bond someday.

“Sure, yeah, definitely. I think its a great notion. If it runs it runs, ” he told Bustle of opportunities to a female Bond. “Thats the great thing about film is its all about imagination so of course it is unable to occur … Anythings possible.”

Casting women in prominent roles that were initially written as male characters, or played by humen in prior movie adaptations, isn’t unprecedented. Afterall, Judi Dench played M, the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service originally written as a human, in multiple Bond cinemas.

An all-female cast remaking of Ghostbusters will be released July 22, 2016. Sandra Bullock is supposedly resulting an Ocean’s Eleven movie with an all-female reboot. Daniel Craig himself called James Bond a ‘misogynist’; so perhaps it’s day for there to be a feminist take over James Bond. Because, genuinely, why the hell not?

Here are 13 badass actresses who would be amazing as the next James Bond.

Meryl Streep

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

Because, frankly, who doesn’t love Meryl Streep? She’s starred in dozens of cinemas, won multiple awardings and has “actual goddamn talent.”

Cate Blanchett

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

Regularly calling out Hollywood sexism, Blanchett would be a great feminist actress to balance out the misogynistic qualities of James Bond of old.

Halle Berry

Kevork Djansezian/ NBC via Getty Images

With an incredible performance in “Monster’s Ball” and being the first African American to win Best Actress, Berry is more than up to the challenge of playing new roles and exceeding expectations.

Julianne Moore

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

Why can’t Bond be a badass and redhead? Julianne Moore is the talented answer.

Laverne Cox

Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Welcome to 2015 where anything is possible, including the possibility of having an Emmy-winning actress and a trans female of colour to play the part of James Bond. Cox has a resulting component on “Orange is the New Black, ” a role that has propelled her into stardom and as an outspoken leader in the transgender and LGBTQ community.

Jodie Foster

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Foster has acted since childhood, starred in various roles and won Best Actress Oscars in “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” She’s starred in challenging and engaging roles and is used to playing roles where she stands up for herself and those around her.

Natalie Portman

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Playing the strong female result in “V for Vendetta” and her Oscar-worthy performance in “Black Swan, ” Portman proves she has the versatility and resilience to play challenging characters. Also, who could ever forget the SNL Digital Short featuring Natalie rapping about her real identity?

Emilia Clark

Jason Merritt via Getty Images

She’s more than merely Esquire’s ” Sexiest Woman Alive” because she is the Mother of Dragons and used to playing leaders and women in power.

Lucy Lawless

Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images

If they’re not going to remake “Xena: Warrior Princess” then it would be amazing if Lucy Lawless could channel her inner Xena for the role of James Bond.

Viola Davis

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

In 2015 Viola Davis became the first African-American to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama, and her adoption speech was unparalleled. With both knock-out performances, just imagine what she’d do as James Bond.

Lucy Liu

Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images

From starring in a variety of action-packed movies like “Charlie’s Angels” and playing the gender-swapped role of Watson in the modern Sherlock Holmes adaptation “Elementary” and even directing a few cases episodes, playing a James Bond role shouldn’t be too far-fetched for this actress.

Rosario Dawson

Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images

Dawson starred in “Daredevil” and “Sin City” so action cinemas wouldn’t be new for this badass actress.

Rosie Perez

Bryan Bedder via Getty Images

With Rosie Perez leaving “The View” to pursue acting full-time, this sounds like a good opportunity to pursue some lead roles typically portrayed by humen.


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