12 Text Messages My Bank Account Would Send Me If It Could Talk


Money doesnt grow on trees. But I know most of us wish it did.

With money comes responsibility, and with adulthood and not having everything bought for you like when you were a kid, there is even more responsibility needed when budgeting your money.

You have to have mini interventions with yourself on the reg about wise spending choices, and if we are being honest, most of the time you dont go with the wise decision.

If youre anything like me, you purchase something on impulse and then immediately regret your decision wondering why you spent that money and what the balance of your checking account is.

But hey, sometimes I look at my funds and am thankful, feeling blessed. Other times not so much. I wonder what my bank account would say to me if it could talk. Would it be proud of me? Would it make fun of me? Would it laugh? Or would it just feel sorry for me? Probably a mixture of all of the above.

Here are some texts I think my bank account would send me, and who knows, maybe these text would be similar to ones that you would get from your bank account, too.

You already know youre struggling, but dont worry. Your bank account is here to remind you. and never let you forget about it.

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