12 Of Obama’s Best Facial Expressions Turned Into Glorious Memes


Barack Obama turns 55 today, and to celebrate, we here at Elite Daily decided to meme the ever-living shit out of his face.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden both tweeted out super sweet birthday tweets for Barack, but I think all these memes I made are a way better birthday present.

Being basically the most photographed person in the world (aside from Taylor Swift leaving the gym, apparently), means there is no way you’re not constantly getting caught making weird faces. And to make matters worse — or better for the purposes of meme-ery — Barack Obama is extremely emotive.

I mean, look at this picture. It’s begging to be run throughthe meme industry. Honestly, that may have already happened. It’s too perfect. Just look at it. You could superimpose almostanytextand this picture would apply. Seriously, I challenge you to think of something this would not work with and put it in the comments.

OK, maybe “This is the face I make when my doctor tells me I have diabetes now” wouldn’t work, but anything else.

Anyway, look at my memes. And remember, don’t ask what your memes can do for you, askwhat you can do for your memes. I think Gandhi’s older brother Ross said that.

Behold, my beautiful Obama memes.

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