11 Of The Strangest Moments You Missed At The Republican National Convention


People aren’t exaggerating when they call the Republican National Convention a “circus.”

Inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, chaos broke out several times in the course of the week as the Republican party’s tensions were felt.

On convention grounds, just outside the arena, music blasted and Facebook had a station set up with a fake mini Oval Office and a virtual reality preview.

And outside the security-guarded convention grounds, onlookers, protesters, police and journalists milled about around East 4th Street. They held funny signs, did silly things and hung out with their pet reptiles.

Protesters — and counter-protesters — and meta trolling protesters — spread their messages of anger, hope, fear and memes for everyone to see.

Convention grounds are a prime space for some bizarreness and the Republican National Convention did not disappoint. Check out some of the weirdest things we saw in Cleveland this week.

This guy asking people to kick his “dog” to support Donald Trump

…except that his “dog” was just another dude crawling on the floor. OK?

This polar bear watchingthat guy ask people to kick his “dog.”

Thisstatue of an eagle made completely out of tape.

The statue (and others like it) were made by students at the University of Cincinnati in Duck Tape for an art project.

These greatest protesters of all time.

Thisclassic sign.

This pro baseballfield totally taunting you to just run through it.

Progressive Fieldwas within convention grounds, accessibleto thosewith convention credentials. Its hallways were used as a marketplace for vendors and some seats were freeto hang out in.

This excellently preparedprotest by Code Pink.

This grammatically confusing but otherwise delightful protest sign.

This guy hanging out with his red pet iguana, Fluffy.

This sign in support of Trump for women.

It was written among many messages on a bus for Republican women on convention grounds.

This creepy guy.

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