11 Kardashian Products That Never Became As Big As Kylie Lip Kits


I always root for the underdog, but I never expected Kylie Jenner to be the most popular Kardashian.

Seriously, everything she touches turns to gold. Its probably because everyone age 15 to 25 kind of wants to be her (including me, TBH).

But trying to be Kylie doesnt always work out as planned. Remember the Kylie Lip Challenge? Yikes. That was a mess.

I try not to watch these videos because they honestly really scare me.

Now we have the Kylie Lip Kits tohelp us achieve our King Kylie dreams, butKylie Cosmeticswasnt the first and certainly wont be the last product to come out of the famous family.

But before Kris Jenner really mastered the art of turning everything her daughters do into gold, the Kardashians had a plethora of shitty products to prove theyre just normal people (sometimes) and they can make normal people mistakes.

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