11 Easy Ways To Improve Your Circulation


We have all experienced poor circulation at some point in our lives, either through a foot or an arm falling asleep.

But I never knew that blood circulation problems can actually have a serious and significant impact upon ouroverall health.

Dr. Frank Veith spoke with Fox News at length about the seriousness involved.

According to Dr. Veith, symptoms of poor circulation can lead to muscle pain in the lower body, pain while you walk, constant tingling and numbness, and potentially even life- and limb-threatening conditions like gangrene.

Fortunately, just as there are simple ways to lower your cholesterol, there are also easy things you can do to ensure your body is get the blood circulation that it needs.

In addition to seeing a doctor, these easy ideas are proven to help improve blood flow. Scroll through this exclusive listing of ways to improve blood circulation below.

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1. Use the Stairs


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According to Living Green Magazine , “Stair-climbing is not only great exercise, but also helps you stretch those calf muscles and get the blood flowing down your lower legs all the way to your tippy toes.”

While taking the stairs might not sound “fun, ” the leg activity can do wonders for increasing your blood circulation, potentially staving off painful side effects.

2. Don’t Skip the Spice


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Living Green Magazine continues, “The capsaicin in hot pepper helps tackle inflammation … and because spicy foods are rich in vitamins A and C, they create your body’s temperature, which increases blood flow and get your blood swooshing around in there as it should.”

While not everyone can stand spicy foods, those who can should definitely embrace this easy style to get the blood pumping.

3. Stretch It Out


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Living Green Magazine writes, “Get up and grab those cubicle mates and do five minutes of stretching … Your eyes likely required the remainder from look at this place a computer screen all day.” They say the stretching will “give your blood flow a nice boost.”

Whether you have a stretching partner or you only do some easy stretchings at your desk, the movement can go a long way toward improving your blood circulation.

4. Drop the Cigarette


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According to Healthy and Natural World, “If you can, quit smoking … Not only is smoking bad for your health, nicotine is among the leading causes of circulation problems.”

As a health-conscious person, smoking is truly only get in the way of you attaining optimal health. So put down the cigarette and you are able just see incredible results considering your blood circulation.

5. Get a Massage


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The experts at Gaiam Life write, “By applying pressure to the body, massage stimulates the blood and lymph ships, helping move the fluid along.”

Dr. David Katz continues, “Studies suggest that massage may enhance circulation in a localized manner to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and perhaps accelerate healing.”

While we can’t always afforded a massage, asking a friend or loved one to give you a foot or shoulder scratch can be extremely helpful and enjoyable.

6. Put Your Feet Up


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According to WikiHow, one great style to improve circulation is to elevate your feet. “Elevating your legs is a great way to increase your circulation and relax at the same period. It also reduces the chance of varicose veins, which are caused by high blood pressure or simply standing for extended periods of time.”

If you can’t do anything about the amount of period you spend on your feet, at least you can do something about your blood circulation when you ultimately have a chance to sit or lay down at home.

7. Switch Up the Diet


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The experts at Revitivesuggest utilizing “superfoods to help improve blood circulation.”

They recommendadjusting your diets so that it includes oranges, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, sunflower seeds, root ginger, garlic, ginkgo biloba, goji berries, watermelon, salmon, and avocado.

These superfoods have many health benefits, including their positive impacts on your circulatory system.

8. Go Hot and Cold


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Healthy and Natural World recommends that you “use hot and cold therapy. This involves alternating between cold and warmth on the affected body portion. Apply heat, such as hot packs for 30 seconds or so, and then switch to cold packs. This could even be a bowl of warm water and a different bowl of colder water.”

And why not take your circulation therapy inan even more relaxing direction with a nice bath? The alternation between temperatures can get the blood moving again.

9. Get Moving


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According to Healthy and Natural World, you should “exercise whenever you can to boost your circulation. Get into the habit of seeing activities you enjoy doing, as any type of physical activity that get your blood pumping is good.”

They continue, “If your circulation is already poor, start by doing some gentle exercise and move on gradually to something a bit more challenging.” There are so many easy and simple ways to be physically active, and the health benefits widen well beyond improved circulation.

10. Change Your Shoes


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The experts at Organic Nutrition write, “Wear shoes that really feel comfy, especially if you are on your feet for long hours at a time. If you have to wear heels to run, then wear sports shoes to and from run, and carry your work shoes with you to increase your circulation at least to and from work.”

Restrictive shoes can be a large cause of poor circulation to your feet. Do yourself a favor and avoid this foot pain altogether by having a pair of sneakers or sports shoes handy.

11. Stay Hydrated


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It might seem obvious, but one of the amazing benefits of biding hydrated is increased blood flow throughout the body.

Organic Nutrition writes, “Drinking plenty of fresh water daily helps to hydrate cells including the scalp, assistances digestion, and devotes one a regular furnish of minerals. Drinking water also helps the body to get rid of waste products.”

With so many health benefits, it seems that biding hydrated should be a top priority.

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