10 Ways That Peanut Butter Will Help You Keep On Top Of Your Health


When youconsiderwhat you’re going to eat in the morning, do you think about how it will affect your day? The food we eat is what gives us the ability to do, well, everything. Without the fuel, we can’t think or move our muscles properly.When you don’t eat properly the signals in your brain don’t fire properly, and you can become slower to react to things around you, lethargic, and just generally unhappy. Does the word “hangry” ring a bell?

But it’s not just that we need fuel, we needgoodfuel. You could just eat whatever you felt like, but without the proper balance of proteins, fats, fiber, and vitamins, you’re not going to be as productive, healthy, or happy.

Peanut butter is a superfood that’s often overlooked because, at a glance, it’s high in fat and calories. But you need to take into consideration where those calories come from, and what specific things they’re doing to to keep you healthy.

How does peanut butter keep you healthy and happy?

1. It’s full of the healthy kind of fat.


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Like avocado, peanut butter contains the healthy kind of fats. Unlike snacks filled with saturated fat, peanut butter is full of the unsaturated fat that helps your brain and body function smoothly.

2. It’s rich in fiber, too.


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While peanut butter isn’t the world champion of providing fiber for your body, it’s definitely worth noting that it’s got 2 grams per serving. When you add a delicious peanut sauce to a stir fry full of othersuper fiber-rich foods, like broccoli, you’ve got yourself a meal fitfor champions.

3. It will satisfy your appetite.


The high protein content of peanut butter, combined with its healthy fats and fiber, will help satisfy your appetite for longer. So, why not start your day with this superfood on some toast, maybe with a little honey drizzled on top? You’ll be much less likely to get the tummy grumbles before lunchtime rolls around.

4. It can help manage type-2 diabetes.


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Since peanut butter is low in carbs, it’s a good option for those with type-2 diabetes to manage sugar spikes and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

5. It’ll help slim you down.


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Since it is low in carbs and high in all the good stuff that makes your body happy, a healthy amount of peanut butter will help you slim down in a healthy way. You never want to deprive your body of what it needs, but if you’re trying to slim down you’ll need to avoid the things it doesn’t need. Eating peanutfeelslike your cheating because it’s so rich, but it’s good for you!

6. Peanut butter protects your heart.


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Since it’s loaded with unsaturated fats that help lower and manage cholesterol, people who eat peanut butter are less likely to develop heart disease.

7. The potassium helps fight high sodium.


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If you struggle to keep your salt intake at a healthy level (I know I do), the high potassium in peanut butter can help fight that imbalance. Another potassium rich food is bananas. Do you know what’s great together? Peanut butter and bananas! Try it on toast for a sodium-fighting breakfast.

8. Need an energy boost? Peanut butter will help.


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If you’re struggling to keep your energy up, consider starting your day with peanut butter or adding a quick, healthy peanut butter snack to the middle of your day. All the good stuff we’ve been talking about will keep your body so well-fueled without dragging it down.

9. It will improve your skin and hair.


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Full of Biotin, a B vitamin responsible for healthy hair and scalp, peanut butter can really make you shine! It’s also got vitamin E, which helps nourish your skin and protect it from damaging UV rays.

10. Overall, it’ll help you snack healthier!


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Besides all of the science on how it helps your body stay full and run well, peanut butter is so delicious! There are so many yummysnacks that you can make and will wantto nibbleon just as much as all the unhealthier options. If you start eliminating those unhealthy options and replacing them with, say, ants on a log, your body will sincerely thank you.

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