10 spot-on responses to Ted Cruz mocking ‘New York values.’


On Tuesday and then again at last night’s GOP debate in South Carolina Ted Cruz mocked Donald Trump for allegedly embodying “New York values.”

Needless to say, New Yorkers the world over were not here for that.

Many responded by pointing out that New York is … actually, believe it or not, pretty great in a lot of ways.

And they pointed out some, perhaps, lesser-known #NewYorkValues.

Others heard a pretty nasty dog whistle in Cruz’ comments:

And of course, many invoked one of the city’s lowest and highest moments.

Reporter Howard Fineman tweaked Cruz for his own, extremely New York-y mini-scandal.

And Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams summed it all up.

As a New Yorker, I’ll admit there are lot of things that are hard to love about New York.

After all, we are the home of…

…Wall Street shenanigans…

GIF from “Spider-Man”/Sony Pictures.

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