10 Of The Most Insane Things People Do In The Name Of Beauty


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for beauty?

Going to bizarre lengths to look younger, fresher, and more vibrant is nothing new. For centuries women (and men) have searched for the secret to eternal youth. In Ancient Rome, elite women used the sweat and dead skin cells of gladiators who survived their battles as face cream. It’s a vomit-inducing thought, but are we really much better today?

Here are 10 of the most insane things people are doing for beauty right now. We’ll let you be the judge.

1. Vampire Facials

You’ve probably seen this photo of Kim Kardashian’s “blood facial,” but what’s actually going on here?

We did some digging and found out that a vampire facial begins with a doctor drawing blood from the patient’s own arm. Then, that blood is slowly applied to the face and injected into the skin with an electronic acupuncture tool known as a Dermapen. The entire experience looks creepy and painful, but it’s supposed to make your skin look as new and supple as a newborn babe’s.

2. Profractional Laser Treatment

Kim K. isn’t the only celebrity doing weird stuff to her face.

This week, comedian Chelsea Handler shared a before-and-after photo of her recent profractional laser treatment. The laser works by targeting wrinkles, sun damage, and scars and then blasting deep into the skin to promote new collagen growth. The results speak for themselves, but such beauty comes at a hefty price — $1,075 to be exact.

3. Candle Cutting

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Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try this at home.

Candle cutting should only be done by professionals, and even then, it looks incredibly dangerous. Basically, stylists twist small sections of hair to reveal dead ends. They then carefully run a flame up and down the twisted strands to burn split ends away. I say you just get a standard trim and be done with it, but maybe that’s just me.

4. Kitty Litter Face Mask

YouTuber Michelle Phan swears this is not a joke — kitty litter can be used to make a deep-cleansing facial mask.

As she explains, kitty litter is made of a mineral known as bentonite, which detoxifies the skin. Her science is valid, but can’t we find that clay elsewhere? Yes. In fact, you can buy a tub on Amazon, and I can tell you from personal experience that this stuff really works.

5. Pilaten Suction Mask

Pilaten suction masks work by adhering to the skin and removing blackheads

That being said, leaving these masks on too long or removing them incorrectly can result in intense pain. Reviewers on Amazon said that the charcoal-rich mask removed the peach fuzz from their faces and was “equivalent to the sensation of waxing.” Maybe just grab a blackhead scrub and avoid the prospect of ripping every hair out of your face. If you’re not careful, these masks can also pull out chunks of your eyebrows!

6. Toebesity Surgery


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This might just be the most absurd cosmetic procedure of all time.

Toebesity surgery is primarily performed on women who want slimmer toes for more attractive feet or to fit into stylish shoes. Talk about a first world problem!

7. Face Training Masks

Supposedly, this product will train your face into a smoother, slimmer form.

There’s very little research to actually back up any claims of muscle training through the use of these bizarre devices. That being said, watching people use them on YouTube is hilarious. (And let’s be real. We’re all thinking the same thing right now, so let’s just move on.)

8. Cryotherapy

You can always count on Lindsay Lohan to keep up with wacky beauty trends.

In the image above, she is emerging from a cryotherapy treatment room. To carry out this procedure, patients are refrigerated in liquid nitrogen at 110 degrees below zero. Why would anyone send themselves to this icy hell? Celebs like Jennifer Anniston, Lebron James, and Demi Moore claim that it makes them feel young and strong, but at least one person has frozen to death so far.

9. Stem Cell Lip Mask

Want bigger, fuller lips without needles or bruising?

Lady Gaga swears by this lip mask, which is filled with plant stem cells. There doesn’t seem to be much proof that the method works, but at least you don’t have to talk to anyone while wearing it. Always a plus. Pretending that you’re Lady Gaga is another added bonus.

10. Cupping

If you watched the Summer Olympics, you probably noticed that many of the athletes had large, red welts on their bodies.

The ancient Egyptian practice known as cupping involves suctioning areas of the body with cups or pumps, which is said to increase blood flow while reducing pain and inflammation. Proponents swear it’s not painful, but that’s hard to believe when looking at Lena Dunham’s back in the picture above!

Now, who’s ready to slather blood all over their face and hit the town?

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