10 Life Lessons To Excel In Your Thirties

When I turned thirty I sent an email out to my subscribers and asked readers age 37 and older what advice they would give their 30 -year-old egoes. The outcome was spectacular.

1. Start saving for retirement now , not later.

Kash, 41

The most common piece of advice so common that was to start getting your fiscal house in order and to start saving for retirement today.

There were a few categories this advice fell into 😛 TAGEND Make it your top priority to pay down all of your debt as soon as possible. Keep an emergency fund there were tons of horror stories about people getting financially ruined by health issues, suits, divorces, bad business deals, etc. Stash away a portion of every paycheck, preferably into a 401 k, an IRA or at the least, a savings account. Dont expend frivolously. Dont buy a home unless you can afford to been a good mortgage with good rates. Dont invest in anything you dont understand. Dont trust stockbrokers.


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