10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week – 12/20


If we just kept writing about ‘Star Wars,’ would you just keep gobbling that up? Yeah, probably…

#10. 23 Insane Comparisons That Will Change How You Think of Time

We present a collection of Monday brain-melters.

“Time spans by themselves may seem pretty mundane — but when placed side by side, you really start see the grand (or not so grand) progress our little planet has made.”

#9. 5 Things ‘Star Wars’ Fans Don’t Understand About ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars wasn’t the film George Lucas set out to make. He couldn’t buy the rights to what he wanted to bring to the big screen so he just decided to write his own version. That’s all it was.

“The rough draft of Star Wars was an incoherent rambling mess, borrowing entire scenes from other movies.”

#8. 22 Scientific Explanations That Can Make Life Less Annoying

Yet science cannot assuage snack disappointment.

“Between explaining actions and reactions and helping to give us ‘Breaking Bad,’ science is also pretty useful for telling us all about the little things in life that really bug the shit out of us.”

#7. 5 Artists Who Faced Death With a Song

By 1991, Freddie Mercury was in the final stages of AIDS. With the help of only some vodka for his pain, Mercury turned in one of the most memorable vocals of his career in just one take.

“A brave ‘fuck you’ to death from a dying man who never sounded more alive.”

#6. 21 Amazing Times Nobodies Saved The Hell Out Of The Day

Australia! Is there anything kick ass it can’t do?

“We like to give our hard-earned cash money to Hollywood for the pleasure of seeing superpowered sexpots saving the world over and over again. But, as it turns out, we can see normal-powered sexpots pulling off heroic deeds every day if we just turn on the news.”

#5. 20 Horrifying Things Celebrities Have Hiding In Their Past

And looks who’s got the best suits on television now, apartheid mfers!

#4. 27 Mind-Blowing TRUE Star Wars Behind The Scenes Stories

Straight from Carrie Fisher, ladies and gentlemen.

#3. Pagan Orgies to Human Sacrifice: The Bizarre Origins of Christmas

Kissing under mistletoe most likely goes back to the pagan belief that the white, sticky goo from the berries was the semen of the gods, because nothing says first kiss quite like a money shot from the divine.

#2. 5 Reasons The Dark Side Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Every single word that comes out of Obi-Wan’s mouth in the first Star Wars movie is a bold-faced lie meant to manipulate a naive farm boy into killing his own dad.

#1. 15 Texts From Last Night (From Famous Superheroes) Pt. 4

More like Lame-o Excuse Man – right?

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