Kim Kardashian Wore a Very Questionable Lace Jumpsuit


Kim Kardashian has always been happy to share her body with the world. You know, like over-share. Like do porn. She’s got a great body, so it makes sharing okay.

I’ve never been one of those firm believers of the whole “pregnancy is beautiful” thing. Yes, screaming, pooping, baby life is amazing, but the anatomy of it all really freaks me out. I am also of the belief that pregnant betches shouldn’t wear bikinis, or like expose their stomach ever. Particularly in a designer lace bodysuit.

Fore real though, when you’re Kimmy K, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Case in point.

Honestly this bodysuit would probably be hideous on anyone, because it reminds me of someone’s grandmother’s lace curtains from the 1960s dyed black in an attempt to make them more modern. Actually, all of Kim’s pregnancy collection has looked like something a grandmother (or Mrs. Doubtfire) would own.

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